You should get the guide if you are looking for a quick and easy way to find activities you can do with your family in and around Luxembourg!


The 1001 Things to Do in and around Luxembourg guide contains over a thousand listings (1200+ and counting) neatly arranged in dozens of categories, available at your finger tips in a searchable, super easy to use visual online directory.

Hi, we are Alex and Ivo and we are the parents of two absolutely gorgeous girls who also happen to be the most active human beings that we know.

We need to keep them entertained at all times (and keep them out of the house too) otherwise we risk having to employ a cleaner and an interior decorator full time.

We moved to Luxembourg in 2008 and we were was (and still are) very excited to live and to raise our family here.

One thing that we have always struggled with though, is finding fun things to do with the kids in and around Luxembourg.

It was a bit easier when we lived in New York or in London. Somehow it was easier to discover activities and events. Possibly because the information was abundant and easy to find.

Turned out that this was not the case here in Luxembourg.

Every week we were struggling to find activities for our kids.

Weekends were even worse — with not one but two full days with kids on our hands.

If we didn’t find many different ways to entertain them, we’d end up completely exhausted by the end of the day and the house would look like a war zone.

This is what the room looks like 5 mins after they wake up

Then a few years ago we decided to take matters in our own hands.

Every week we started searching for and listing out all the family and kids events, classes and activities that were happening in and around Luxembourg. So when the weekend came we’d know where to go.

Every week we would dig the Internet for information (with sites mostly in French, German and Luxembourgish) and we would talk with other parents just to be able to make a to-do list so we can entertain the kids during the weekends and holidays.

In the process What’s On For Kids website was born.

But not only.

As a result of our efforts, we ended up compiling the single most comprehensive family-friendly all-year-round list of events, classes, activities, and more for Luxembourg and around.

What is more, we have gone the extra mile and have collated all the information we had collected in an easy-to-use, neatly-categorized, month-sorted and location-indexed guide, and we have made it available for you.

Introducing 1001 Things to Do with Kids in and around Luxembourg

The 1001 Things to Do guide is the most comprehensive family guide that tells you what’s happening around you so you always know what to do and where to have fun with your kids.

Anytime, anywhere, any weather.

The 1001 Things to Do with Kids in and around Luxembourg is an all-encompassing list of events that are happening around you, places you can visit, activities you can do, classes you can attend, family-friendly restaurants that are so difficult to come across in Luxembourg, softplay areas and playgroundsmuseums, lakes and rivers, parks and gardens, and many more — all collated in a super easy to read and follow guide, which you can use to quickly find out what to do with your kids in and around Luxembourg – anytime, anywhere, any weather.

Say goodbye to the countless hours spent in search of kids activities and say hello to fun times with the kids!

At your desk or on the go, the 1001 Things Guide is always at your fingertips

Brought to You by What’s on for kids

The 1001 Things to Do guide is created by the same people, Alex and Ivo, who created

Chances are that you are already receiving What’s On For Kids‘ newsletters or checking their website to see what activities are happening over the coming weekends or holidays.

The has tons of excellent information about classes, courses and other activities in and around Luxembourg and it has established as the sole most authoritative source of family related activities information in Luxembourg.

It has been repeatedly recognized by many sources for its great content.

What other parents say

We asked parents, who have been using our materials for a while, for their HONEST feedback and UNBIASED opinion about the experience using the 1001 Things to Do guide.

Read their responses to see how EXCITED they are about the new opportunities that the guide opened up for them and how GRATEFUL they are for the time they saved using it.

Notice how they talk about the many new things they discovered when they started using the 1001 Things to Do guide and how happy they are that something as comprehensive as this exists in Luxembourg.

Read more testimonials here.

Why we ask you for a fee to join

The 1001 Things to Do guide is a paid premium product.

We charge a small one-time fee in exchange of our continuous efforts that we put into creating and maintaining this great family guide.

You can easily pay by PayPal, credit card or direct bank transfer.

The sign up fee for the 1001 Things to Do guide is currently only €39 Eur (it was €59 Eur and likely it will go up to €59 again soon).

It is a single one-time fee, not a recurring yearly payment.

This is what you get

  • Lifetime access to the 1001 Things to Do guide. Once you get access, you enjoy it for as long as you’d like.
  • Live content. We continuously update the listings (sometimes as often as every week) so you can always rely on current and up to date information.
  • Fully searchable. We spend time to always neatly organize and categorize all listings so they are easy to search on any device.
  • Universally accessible. The guide is equally easy to use and navigate on your desktop, tablet or phone, so you can always be on top of what’s happening around you, wherever you are.
  • Only true and verified listings. There is no product positioning, no advertisements, and no paid listings in the 1001 Things to Do guide, only truly family oriented stuff vetted by us.
  • Available offline too! When you join, you get access to a one of a kind, fully searchable PDF version of the guide, which you can download to your phone and use to find activities even when you are offline.
  • Coming soon: A printed pocket size version of the guide. We are in the final stages of releasing a small printed pocket-size edition of the 1001 Things to Do guide, which you can easily take with you anywhere.
  • A dedicated Facebook group. When you join, you get access to a private Facebook of hundreds of other parents in Luxembourg just like you and us, where you can find support, answers and ideas.

A breeze to use

At your desk or on the go, the 1001 Things to Do with Kids in and around Luxembourg is always at your fingertips. Online and offline!

It is indeed super easy to take the guide anywhere you want. Take the 1001 Things guide on your commute, or at the gym, or on the train, or in that boring meeting room. On your iPad, iPhone, or computer. The entire guide is available online, downloadable offline and portable on any device. This way you can easily figure out what to do with your kids this coming weekend and you can do this anytime and virtually anywhere — you don’t have to spend time anymore browsing the internet and searching for ideas for hours.

Absolutely risk free

Try the 1001 Things to Do guide for a full 30 days period, 100% risk-free.

If you don’t LOVE it, we insist that you get your money back.

The reason why we can offer this guarantee is because we know the 501 Things Guide works. It helps the busy parents save time and money and enjoy more and better quality time with their families.

It has helped us, it has helped hundreds of other parents just like you and us.

Try the guide and see for yourself!

If it doesn’t work for you, email us and we’ll refund you the signup fee 100%.

Yes, You have other options

We know that you might be thinking: “But why should I get the 1001 Things to Do guide — aren’t there any other options?”.

Yes, you do have alternatives.

And here are what they are:

  • Printed Family Guides.
    There are three different printed guides available in Luxembourg and only one of them is in English. It is called Family Guide (published by Maison Moderne) and the English version is somewhat difficult to find. It is a bulky book that is not very handy nor easy to carry around. You also have to buy a new one every year because as any other printed edition, it gets outdated quickly. It costs €22 Eur so over a period of 5 years you end up paying €110 Eur.
  • A Family Coach.
    Yes, there are several of those in Luxembourg. And while they do a terrific job helping you address parenthood’s problems, they can’t tell you much about what fun activities are happening in and around Luxembourg. They are also costly — a session is about €40 Eur per hour so you total price for a 5 years period will be in the thousands.
  • The Internet.
    Indeed, there is information available online, which can give you a good overview of what activities are happening around you. And you can certainly find enough info to keep your family entertained. The thing is that it TAKES TIME. So yes, of course you can do this on your own. After all that’s how we started collected the information, which is available on the website — it only took us a couple of years to do so.

Or you can save your time and your money and get the 1001 Things to Do guide.

It will cost you a one-time €39 Eur and it comes with lifetime access and unlimited updates. It is super easy to carry around since it is available online and offline. It comes as a searchable PDF version that you can carry around on your phone as well as an online interactive version with live links and indexes.

The Guide is unlike anything else that exists in Luxembourg. It has more entries than any other Family Guide or informational book or site. And what is more – none of the entries are sponsored. This means there is no product positioning, no advertisements, no paid listings but only truly family oriented stuff vetted by us.

Again, it comes with unlimited updates so you don’t have to pay for another guide to get the most up to date stuff. In fact since the guide is online, that happens continuously as often as weekly. Content is always fresh.

The guide is also portable. Even if you are offline, you get a pdf version of it that is easy to search thru. So it all fits in your pocket (inside your phone).

It is ideal for anyone with kids and especially for busy parents who need an easy and quick way to find out how to entertain their kids.

Oh, how I wish something like that existed when we first arrived in Luxembourg…

So, get the guide, save yourself time and money, and spend them with/on your kids!


We understand that you might still have questions about the 1001 Things to Do Guide. We are available to answer them all. Simply email us at

Alex and Ivo