When we buy the things that we need, we sometimes do it on Amazon.

And when we go to Amazon, the first thing we do is look at the product reviews.

Amazon reviews are a clear indicator if a product is sought after, whether it is good enough, now and over time. And you know that when you read those reviews you can make an informed decision whether to buy that product or look for another.

Well, we are no Amazon, but we know that it would help you get an unbiased perspective on whether the 1001 Things Guide is really as good as it sounds to be.

So to help you with that, we asked our users to share their HONEST feedback and UNBIASED opinion of their experience using the guide — including the pros, the cons, who it’s right for, who it’s not right for, and how it compares to other similar products here in Lux

As you read their responses below, notice the language they use. They’re EXCITED about the new opportunities that the 1001 Things Guide opens up for them and they are GRATEFUL for the time they saved thanks to the guide.

Notice how they talk about the many new things they discovered when they started using the 1001 Things guide and how happy they are that something as comprehensive as this exists in Luxembourg.

Go ahead and read the hundreds of reviews our users sent us and, of course, feel free to send us yours — we are going to publish it here too!

I love your work! Just this weekend I went to the lantern festival in Wiltz which I would not have experienced without you.

Member since September 2016

I think you are doing a great job!! And I’m very grateful of all the information you share with us. Everything in the guide looks very complete. Thank you very much 😉

Member since July, 2016

I don’t speak French and German so your 501 Website is perfect for me. We spent nice weekend at Hesperange!

Member since June, 2016

I like this very much!

Member since July, 2016

I’m very happy with your site, I did look on the website for a long period of time.
Now I saw that you can commit to a email, so I did, It’s really handy because let’s be honest, we always check our email.
We don’t have to miss anything and it’s also fun for the kids because I can tell them in the week what for fun thinks we can do in the weekend and they are really excited.
End its trough that it’s difficult to find things online.
On behalf of me and my 2 children, thank you very much


It’s great !!! You are doing an amazing job 🙂 Last Sunday we spent a great day visiting Kass Haff (we were surprised to find out that they are very close to our home !)

Member since June, 2016

This is brilliant. Combined with your to-do weekend list it’s a real gem! We pretty much followed the list this yesterday. Kids loved the medieval afternoon and the activities at chapter1. they’re wrecked today….playing at home, some films and popcorn. Thanks!

Member since June, 2016

All this information is just perfect!

Member since May, 2016

Excellent website, thanks!

Member since May, 2016