Welcome to Luxembourg!

It’s a great country to live in and one of the best places on earth to raise kids.

Now imagine this…

It is a Sunday morning and your kids just asked you what fun things are you going to do today

It is a school holiday, it’s raining outside (again) and you dread taking your kids to that same indoor playground (again)

You just moved to Luxembourg and are already wondering ‘What do people with kids do for fun here?’

What do you do?


1001 Things to Do with Kids in and around Luxembourg

1001 Things to Do with Kids in and around Luxembourg is the most comprehensive family guide that tells you what’s happening around you so you always know what to do and where to have fun with your kids.

Anytime, anywhere, any weather.

The 1001 Things to Do guide is an all-encompassing list of activities and events that are happening around you, places you can visit, activities you can do, classes you can attend, family-friendly restaurants that are so difficult to come across in Luxembourg, soft play areas and playgrounds, museums, lakes and rivers, parks and gardens, and many more — all collated in a super easy to browse, search and follow guide, which you can use to quickly find out what to do with your kids in and around Luxembourg.

Say goodbye to the countless hours spent in search of kids activities and say hello to fun times with the kids!

How it works

Using The 1001 Things to Do guide is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Sign up

The 1001 Things to Do guide is a paid premium product. We charge a small one-time fee in exchange of our continuous efforts that we put into creating and maintaining this great family guide.

2. Log in

Once you sign up, you will get immediate full access to the thousands of listings of the 1001 Things to Do with Kids in and around Luxembourg – the most comprehensive family guide in Luxembourg.

3. Explore

Quickly and easily find out what is happening today, this week, or next month. Search on a map, by age, activity, location and dozens more categories, or simply browse through the thousands of listings.

What you get

Lifetime access

Once you get access, you can enjoy the 1001 Things to Do guide for as long as you’d like.

Live content

We continuously update the listings (sometimes as often as every week) so you can always rely on current and up to date information.

Fully searchable

We spend time to always neatly organize and categorize all listings so they are easy to search on any device.

Universally accessible

The guide is equally easy to use and navigate on your desktop, tablet or phone, so you can always be on top of what’s happening around you, wherever you are.

True verified listings

There is no product positioning, no advertisements, and no paid listings in the 1001 Things to Do guide, only truly family oriented stuff vetted by us.

Available offline

When you join, you get access to a one of a kind, fully searchable PDF version of the guide, which you can download to your phone and use to find activities even when you are offline.

Learn more about it

What is it?

1001 Things to Do with Kids in Luxembourg is the most comprehensive family guide available in Luxembourg.

It is an easy to use, live, fully searchable online directory with over a thousand listings of family-friendly things to do in Luxembourg.

Why use it?

The guide contains over a thousand listings (1200+ and counting) neatly arranged in dozens of categories, available at your finger tips in a searchable, super easy to use visual online directory. You should get the guide if you are looking for a quick and easy way to find activities you can do with your family in and around Luxembourg!

What others say?

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