1001 Things to Do with Kids

in and around Luxembourg

The most comprehensive Family Guide in Luxembourg!

Easily explore and find amazing places you can visit, activities you can do, interesting events you can join, classes you can attend, family-friendly restaurants you can enjoy, softplay areas and playgroundsmuseumslakes and riversparks, gardens, and much more!

The 1001 Things to Do with Kids in and around Luxembourg family guide tells you what’s happening so you always know what to do and where to have fun with your kids.

Any time, anywhere, any weather!

About the 1001 Things to Do guide

What is it?

The 1001 Things to Do guide is an easy to use live fully searchable online directory with over a thousand listings of family-friendly things to do in Luxembourg.

It is live, meaning that we continuously add and update the listings, usually on a weekly basis.
It is fully searchable, meaning that we spent time to neatly organize it and categorize it so it’s a breeze for you to use it.

How do you use it?

Next time when you are looking for something to do with your family in and around Luxembourg, instead of spending hours browsing the Internet trying to figure out what’s happening around you, simply come to the 1001 Things to Do website, click Explore and find activities that you’d like to do. As simple as that!

It turns finding what to do with your kids from a time consuming disaster into a quick enjoyable search.

Say goodbye to the countless hours spent in search of kids activities and say hello to more time for fun!

What people say

It’s great !!! You are doing an amazing job 🙂 . Last sunday we spent a great day visiting Kass Haff (we were surprised to find out that they are very close to our home !) .

I am the (Belgian) grandma of a 3 1/2 yr old boy and twin girls of 1 1/2. I am mainly looking after the 3 yr old 1-2 / week and apart from the swimming pool and playgrounds I lacked ideas! A friend told me about you and I am very pleased to discover that

My family and I will be moving to Luxembourg at the end of the year and I got recommendations to visit the “What’s on for kids” site which, from what I have seen so far, is great and very helpful. My daughters will turn 12 and 9 soon and I was wondering if either the


Thanks for the subscription. Great website to check for what’s going on… My kids are sport lovers and challenge-oriented so any ideas on duathlons, runs, football events are very welcome 🙂 Have a lovely day, Magda PS. I do not use FB 🙁


I just signed up I am interested in all kind of information related to 3 years old boy J We are new in Luxembourg So I need to know where can I find cheap toddler furniture, pampers, toys etc… Also I need to find out play areas, weekend activities (indoor or outside) Thanks in advance


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